Pentecost – Shavuot 2019

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In 2019 the second of the three annual festivals – known as
Pentecost … Shavuot … Festival of Firstfuits … Feast of Weeks …
falls on the 12th of May 2019 for biblical calendars
[4] & [7]
and on the 9th of June for the other main calendar methods.
The following festival weekend sites are understood to have
an ‘open attendance’ policy – but please check in advance.


Penticton, British Columbia   Venue: Sandman Hotel
Church of God International   June 7-9    Festival Info

Westbridge, British Columbia   Venue: Rendell Creek Ranch
His Truth Seekers Ministry  
June 7-9   Festival Info

Jerusalem   June 7-10   Festival & Package Tour Info
Congregation of YHWH (Jerusalem)


Birmingham, Alabama   Venue: Embassy Suites
Church of God International  
June 7-9   Festival Info

Orosi, California   June 6-10   Safe Haven Farms
Growing in Torah   Festival Information

Craigmont, Idaho   Venue: SYM, 104-106 W. Main St. (Trailer camp site)
Seekers of Yahweh Ministries   June 15-16   Festival Information

Angola, Indiana   Venue: Abe Martin Lodge, Brown County State Park
United Church of God   June 7-9   Festival Information

Gilbertsville, Kentucky   Venue: Kentucky Dam Village State Park
Intercontinental Church of God   June 8-9    Festival Info

Ava, Missouri   Venue: Dogwood Tabernacle – free campground.
Congregation Echad
 May 18-20   Festival Information

Holt’s Summit, Missouri   Venue: YRM – dorm rooms/camp ground available.
Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry   May 11-12   Festival Information

Rocheport, Missouri   Venue: YAIM – free campground.
Yahweh’s Assembly in Messiah   May 11-12   Festival Information

Polson, Montana   Venue & Visitor Information: Glacier Park
YHWH is 1  
June 9-10   Festival Information

Cincinnati, Ohio   Venue: CoG Cincinnati, 9191 Daly Road.
Church of God Cincinnati
   June 7-9   Festival Information

Glouster, Ohio   Venue: Burr Oak Lodge & Conference Center
Yahweh’s Obedient Servants Ministry   May 10-12   Festival Information

Molalla, Oregon   Venue: Molalla Retreat
Torah to the Tribes   May 24-27   Festival Information

Roseburg, Oregon   Venue: Lighted Way Ministries
Lighted Way Ministries – see Upcoming Events   June 7-9

Humboldt, Tennessee   Venue: 2436 Eastend Drive.
Restoring the Branches Ministry   June 7-9   Festival Information

Knoxville, Tennessee  Venue & Visitor Info: Big Ridge State Park
7th Day Church of God
   June 8-9   Festival Information

Dallas, Texas   Venue: Wyndham Suites Park Central
Lion and Lamb Ministries
   June 7-9   Festival Information

Broadcasts : Pentecost, Monday, June 10
Bethel Church of God (David Carter) 1.00pm (audio)
Bethel Church of God (David Carter) 4.30pm (audio)
Broadcasts : Pentecost, Sunday, June 9
Church of God, Worldwide Ass (UK) (Eddie Johnson) 5.30am (video)
(technical difficulties with live streaming – 2nd service delayed by 45 mins)

Church of God, Worldwide Ass (UK)
(Peter Hawkins) 9.45am (video)
Church of God International (UK) (Sean Goldburn/George Ramocan) 9.30am (video)
Church of God (UK) (Jamie McNab) 10.00am (audio)
Christian Fellowship Ministries (Keith Slough) 10.30am (video)
United Church of God, N.Canton (Randy Stiver) 10.30am (video)
Church of God International (Medina) (Wayne Hendrix) 11.00am (video)
The Father’s Call (Bill Hutchison) 11.00am (video)
Pleasant Hills Christian Church (Guy Swenson) 11.15am (video)
Seventh Day Christian Assembly (Ken Swiger) 11.15am (video)
Crusade Church of God (Larry Lasiter) 11.30am (video)
Wholeworld Church of God (Ronald Laughland) 11.30am (video)
Church of God (USA) (Don Roth) 11.30am (audio)
Tomorrow’s Church of God (Ron Harmon) 12 noon (video)
House of God, Austin (Mike Alewine) 12 noon (video)
Eternal Church of God (Terry Moore) 1.00pm (video)
Church of the Eternal God (Dave Harris) 1.00pm (video)
CoG Ministries Int. (Michigan/Indiana) (t.b.a.) 1.00pm (video)
Marble Hill Church of God 7th Day (Pete Hornbuckle) 1.00pm (video)
Beth Shalom Congregation (Steve Berkson) 1.15pm (video)
United Church of God, Spokane (Mike Liams) 1.30pm (video)
Greater Phoenix Church of God (Jim Cookman) 1.30pm (video)
Guardian Ministries (David Antion) 1.30pm (video)
Rock Valley Christian Church (David Liesenfelt) 1.30pm (video)
Church of God Ministry (Stephen Gilbreath) 1.30pm (video)
Church of God Ministries Int. (Tom Kerry) 2.00pm (video)
House of God, Waco (Nick Linville) 2.00pm (video)
The Father’s Call (Brian Orchard) 2.00pm (video)
Tulsa CoG (Matthew Steel) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Fellowship, Spokane (t.b.a.) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Cincinnati (Jim O’Brien) 2.00pm (video)
Shalom Assembly of Yahweh (Hector Castillo) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Webcast (Jeff Patton) 2.30pm (video)
Church of the Sovereign God (Ben Faulkner) 2.30pm (video)
United Church of God, N.Canton (Randy Stiver) 2.30pm (video)
Church of God eim (Steven LeBlanc) 2.30pm (audio)
Church of God Big Sandy (Vance Stinson) 3.00pm (video)
United Church of God, Cincinnati (no broadcast) 3.00pm (video)
Children of God (Warren Zehrung) 3.00pm (audio)
Church of God Messenger (Rod Reynolds) 3.00pm (audio)
Church of God, Kansas City (Ramon Coleman) 3.15pm (video)
Greater Church of God (Wray Zehrung) 3.30pm (video)
Church of God (USA) (Don Roth) 3.30pm (audio)
Church of God 7th Day (Col.Springs) (Troy Gedack) 4.00pm (video)
Crusade Church of God (Larry Lasiter) 4.00pm (video)
Hungry Hearts Ministries (Bill Shults) 4.00pm (video)
Lighted Way Ministries (Mark & Shauna Manfredine) 5.00pm (video)
The Father’s Call (Marshall Stiver) 5.00pm (video)
United Church of God, Spokane (Paul Moody) 5.30pm (video)
Church of the Eternal God (Norbert Link) 6.00pm (video)
Lighted Way Ministries (Mark & Shauna Manfredine) 7.30pm (video)


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