Pentecost – Shavuot 2020

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In 2020 the second of the three annual festivals – known as
Pentecost … Shavuot … Festival of Firstfuits … Feast of Weeks …
falls on Sunday, the 31st of May, for nearly all churches.
The Worldwide Church of God celebrated Pentecost on Monday
from 1937 to 1973, and a few ex-WCG groups continue to do so.
The Pentecost festival sites are shown underneath the broadcast list.
There are few sites this year owing to Covid-19 restrictions.

Broadcasts : Pentecost, Monday, June 1
Bethel Church of God (David Carter) 1.00pm (audio)
Bethel Church of God (David Carter) 4.30pm (audio)
Broadcasts : Pentecost, Sunday, May 31
Church of God International (UK) (George Ramocan) 8.00am (video)
Church of God, Worldwide Ass (UK) (Peter Hawkins) 8.30am (video)
United Church of God, Cincinnati (Darris McNeely) 9.30am (video)
Church of God (UK) (Jamie McNab) 10.00am (video)
Christian Fellowship Ministries (Keith Slough) 10.30am (video)
Think Red Ink Ministries (Don Harris) 11.00am (video)
Church of God International (Medina) (Bill Watson) 11.00am (video)
The Father’s Call (Bill Hutchison) 11.00am (video)
Living God Ministries (Scott Hoefker) 11.15am (video
Seventh Day Christian Assembly (Ken Swiger) 11.15am (video)
Crusade Church of God (Larry Lasiter) 11.30am (video)
Wholeworld Church of God (Ronald Laughland) 11.30am (video)
Church of God (USA) (Don Roth) 11.30am (video)
Pleasant Hills Christian Church
(Bruce Chesney) 11.45am (video)
Church of God International (Tyler TX) (John Reedy) 12 noon (video)
House of God, Austin (Mike Alewine/Jason Eeds) 12 noon (video)
Church of God, a Worldwide Association (HQ) (t.b.a.) 1.00pm (video)
Church of the Eternal God (Eric Rank) 1.00pm (video)
Eternal Church of God (Terry Moore) 1.00pm (video)
CoG Ministries International (Michigan/Indiana) (t.b.a.) 1.00pm (video)
Guardian Ministries (David Antion) 1.30pm (video)
Rock Valley Christian Church (David Liesenfelt) 1.30pm (video)
Truth on the Web Ministries
(Brian Hoeck) 1.45pm (video)
Tulsa Church of God (Curtis Whiteley/Matthew Steel) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Ministries Int. (Tom Kerry) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Fellowship, Spokane (Harold Smith) 2.00pm (video)
The Father’s Call (Brian Orchard) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Webcast (Jeff Patton) 2.30pm (video)
United Church of God, Cincinnati (Steve Myers) 2.30pm (video)
Church of the Great God (Richard Ritenbaugh) 2.30pm (audio)
Church of God eim (Steven LeBlanc) 2.30pm (audio)
Church of God Big Sandy (Ramon Coleman) 3.00pm (video)
Church of God (USA) (Don Roth) 3.30pm (video)
Crusade Church of God (Larry Lasiter) 4.00pm (video)
Hungry Heart Ministries (Bill Shults) 4.00pm (video)
Church of the Eternal God (Norbert Link) 5.00pm (video)
The Father’s Call (Marshall Stiver) 5.00pm (video)
Lighted Way Ministries (Shauna Manfredine) 5.00pm (video)



Westbridge, British Columbia   Venue : Rendell Creek Ranch
His Truth Seekers Ministry  
May 30-31   Festival Information  


Orosi, California   May 28 – June 1   Safe Haven Farms
Growing in Torah   Festival Information

Craigmont, Idaho   Venue : SYM, 104-106 West Main Street.
Seekers of Yahweh Ministries   May 29-31   Festival Information

Syracuse, Indiana   May 30-31   Venue : COGMI, Syracuse
Church of God Ministries Int.   Steve Councell 574-584-2001 or E-mail

Rocheport, Missouri   Venue : YAIM – free campground.
Yahweh’s Assembly in Messiah   May 30-31   Festival Information

Polson, Montana   Venue & Visitor Information : Glacier Park
YHWH is 1   May 30-31   Festival Information

Knoxville, Tennessee   Venue & Visitor Info : Big Ridge State Park
7th Day Church of God
  May 30-31   Festival Information

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