Pentecost (Shavuot) Festival Weekend 2018

The Pentecost Festival Weekend in 2018 will be held over
3 different weekends (owing to calendar differences):
May 19-20   May 26-27   June 23-24

Only festival sites that are understood to have an ‘open attendance’ policy
are listed here (but please check in advance).
Living Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, Restored Church of God
Church of God an International Community, and some others,
restrict registration to current and prospective members.


Jerusalem   June 22-24   Festival & Package Tour Info
Congregation of YHWH (Jerusalem)


Angola, Indiana   Venue: Potawatomi Inn, Lake James, Pokagon State Park
United Church of God   May 18-20   Festival Info

Gilbertsville, Kentucky   Venue: Kentucky Dam Village State Park
Intercontinental Church of God   May 19-20    Festival Info

Polson, Montana   June 22-24 
YHWH is 1
  Festival Info   Visitor Info

Norman, Oklahoma   Venue: NCED Hotel & Conference Center
Lion and Lamb Ministries
   May 25-27   Festival Info

Knoxville, Tennessee   Venue/Visitor Info: Big Ridge State Park
7th Day Church of God   June 23-24   Festival Info


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