Live Broadcasts

Start times of the weekly broadcasts are for the Eastern (USA) time zone.
Please refer to the World Time Zone Map if you need help to adjust to your time zone.
Arizona and the US Virgin Islands do not apply DST.
Many of these broadcasts are recorded and available in archive.

Sunday-Friday Bible Studies
Think Red Ink Ministries (Don Harris) Sunday, 11.00am (video)
Think Red Ink Ministries (Don Harris) Monday-Friday, 8.00am (audio)
Beth Shalom Congregation (Steve Berkson) Tuesday, 8.00pm (video)
Yahweh’s Voice of Victory (David Roberts) Wednesday 7.00pm (video)
Lifetime Ministry Church (Tim Foust) Wednesday, 7.00pm (video)
Church of God International (Adrian Davis) Wednesday, 7.30pm (video)
The Word and the Way (t.b.a.) Wednesday, 8.00pm (video)
Restoring the Branches (Jeremy & Kelly Vonner) Wednesday, 8.15pm (video)
House of Israel (Arthur Bailey) Thursday, 7.00pm (video)
Intercontinental Church of God (James Ricks) Friday, 9.00pm (video)
Shalom Assembly of Yahweh (Hector Castillo) Friday, 9.00pm (video)
Tulsa Church of God Tuesday, Nov.12 (Lawrence Gregory) 8.30pm (video)
House of God Wednesday, Nov.13 (Mike Alewine) 8.00pm (video)
United Church of God, Canton Friday, Nov. t.b.a. (Randy Stiver) 7.30pm (video)
Church of God, Worldwide Ass. Friday, Nov.15 (Nathan Willoughby) 8.00pm (video)
Bring on the Sabbath Friday, t.b.a. (Jeff Reed/Lisa McComb) 8.00pm (video)
Dynamic Christian Ministries Friday, Oct.25 (Wes & Nancy White) 9.00pm (video)
Congregational Fellowship of God Friday, t.b.a. (t.b.a.) 9.00pm (video) 

Feast Tabernacles Services October 2019 – biblical calendars [2] [6]
The time zone for each festival site is in brackets, followed by the broadcast dates.
Many live broadcasts are recorded for later viewing.
Church of God InternationalWatch in CGI app
Myrtle Beach (ET) Oct.14-21
St. Petersburg (ET) Oct.14-21 (with COG Miami)
Fort Walton Beach (CT) Oct.12-21 (with Common Faith Network)
Land Between the Lakes (CT) Oct.13-21
(with Christian Educational Ministries  & Independent Churches)
United Church of God
Panama City Beach (CT) Oct.13-21
Osoyoos Lake (PT) Oct.12-21
Church of God Ministries International
Kalamazoo (ET) Oct.14-21
Fort Walton Beach (CT) Oct.14-21
Bible Explorations
Terra Bella (PT) Oct.14-21
Church of God Big Sandy
Big Sandy (CT) Oct.14-21 Schedule
Church of the Eternal God

Pismo Beach (PT) Oct.13-21
Church of God Fellowship
Sunriver (PT) Oct.14-21 schedule
Church of God, the Father’s Call
Oxnard (PT) Oct.13-21 schedule
Church of God Toledo
Walnut Creek (ET) Oct.14-21
Lighted Way Ministries
Roseburg (PT) Oct.14-21
Shalom Assembly of Yahweh
Sterling (CT) Oct.14-21
Wholeworld Church of God
Panama City (CT) Oct.14-21
Church of God, Worldwide Ass (UK)
[Torquay, UK – 5 hours earlier than ET] Sunday 13th – 7.30pm; Monday 14th – 3.30pm
Tuesday 15th – 10.00am; Wednesday 16th – 9.30am; Thursday 17th – 5.30pm;
Friday 18th – 10.00am; Saturday 19th, Bible Study – 11.00am; Service – 3.30pm; Sunday 20th – 10.00am; Monday 21st – 10.00am & 3.30pm.

Sabbath Services
** Normal Sabbath Services on Oct.19.
House of Israel (UK)
(Marcus da Costa) 8.00am (video) **
Church of God International (UK) (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 8.30am (video)
Church of God 7th Day (USA Virgin Isles) (Rafael Mitchell) 9.00am (video) **
Church of God 7th Day (Harlesden, London) (K. Johnson) 9.00am (video) **
Church of God, Worldwide Ass. (UK) (t.b.a.) 9.00am (video) see FoT above
Church of God (UK) (Jamie McNab) 10.00am (video) No broadcast Oct.26
Christian Fellowship Ministries
(Keith Slough) 10.30am (video)
Church of God International (Medina) (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 11.00am (video) see FoT above
House of Israel (USA) (Arthur Bailey) 11.00am (video) **
Yahweh’s Obedient Servants Ministry (Solomon Meyer) 11.00am (video) **
Yahweh’s Voice of Victory (David Roberts) 11.00am (video) **
Founded in Truth (Matthew Vander Els) 11.00am (video)
Messyanic Misfits (Carrie Wigal) 11.00am (video)
Church of God Fellowship, Lansing (Jeff Ledy) 11.00am (video)
Seventh Day Christian Assembly (Ken Swiger) 11.15am (video)
Crusade Church of God (Larry Lasiter) 11.30am (video)
House of God, Austin (t.b.a.) 11.30am (video)
New Hope United Church of God (Israel Steinmetz) 11.45am (video) **
Pleasant Hills Christian Church (Bruce Chesney) 11.45am (video) **
Tomorrow’s Church of God (Ron Harmon) 12 noon (video)
Church of God International (Tyler) (t.b.a.) 12 noon (video) see FoT above
Alfred Church of God 7th Day (Stephen Kyner) 12 noon (video) **
Eliyah (Tom Martincic) 12 noon (video) **
Beit Shalom Messianic Congregation (t.b.a.) 12 noon (video)
Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue (Robert Ackerman) 12 noon (video)
CoG 7th Day, San Antonio (Tim Buechner/Mario Cantu) 12.15pm (video) **
Beulah Church of God 7th Day (David Palmer) 12.30pm (video) **
Yahweh’s Frystown Assembly (Jake Meyer) 12.30pm (video) **
Bible Explorations (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 12.45pm (video) see FoT above
Abib of God Fellowship (Oct.19 Brian Convery) 1.00pm (video) **
CGI Burlington, Canada (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 1.00pm (video) see FoT above
Eternal Church of God (Oct.19 t.b.a.) 1.00pm (video) **
CoG Ministries Int. (Michigan/Indiana) (t.b.a.) 1.00pm (video) see FoT above
Church of God 7th Day (Col.Springs) (Troy Gedack – FOT sermon) 1.00pm (video) **
Marble Hill Church of God 7th Day (Pete Hornbuckle) 1.00pm (video)
Beth Shalom Congregation (Steve Berkson) 1.15pm (video)
Greater Phoenix Church of God (Jim Cookman) 1.30pm (video)
Guardian Ministries (David Antion) 1.30pm (video)
Rock Valley Christian Church (David Liesenfelt) 1.30pm (video) see FoT above
Church of God Ministry (Stephen Gilbreath) 1.30pm (video)
Truth on the Web Ministries (Oct.19 t.b.a.) 1.45pm (video) **
Church of God Cincinnati (Jim O’Brien) 2.00pm (video)
United Church of God, N.Canton (Randy Stiver) 2.00pm (video) see FoT above
Church of God Ministries Int. (Tom Kerry) 2.00pm (video) see FoT above
7th Day Congregation – Eddy (Nick Linville/Ray Cullum) 2.00pm (video)

House of God, Houston (t.b.a.) 2.00pm (video)
The Father’s Call (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 2.00pm (video) see FoT above
Tulsa Church of God (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God Fellowship, Spokane (Harold Smith) 2.00pm (video)
7th-Day Sabbath Church, Colton CA (Harold Cortes) 2.00pm (video) **
Church of God Cincinnati (Jim O’Brien) 2.00pm (video)
Shalom Assembly of Yahweh (Hector Castillo) 2.00pm (video)
Church of God (USA) (Don Roth) 2.00pm (audio) see FoT above
I Saw The Light Ministries (Tim Carpenter) 2.00pm (audio)
United Church of God (Cincinnati) (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 2.30pm (video) see FoT above
Church of God Webcast (Jeff Patton) 2.30pm (video)
Church of the Sovereign God (Ben Faulkner) 2.30pm (video)
Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry (Alan Mansager) 2.30pm (video) **
Yahweh’s Assembly in Yahshua (t.b.a.) 2.30pm (video)
Church of God eim (Steven LeBlanc) 2.30pm (audio)
Church of God in Truth (James Russell) 2.30pm (audio)
Ronald Dart Evangelistic Association (t.b.a. Wes White) 3.00pm (video)
Church of God Big Sandy (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 3.00pm (video)
Manna From Heaven Ministries (t.b.a.) 3.00pm (video)
Children of God (Warren Zehrung) 3.00pm (audio)
Church of God Messenger (Rod Reynolds) 3.00pm (audio)
Restoring the Branches (Jeremy Vonner) 3.15pm (video)
Church of God, New Mexico (John Shavers) 3.30pm (video)
Church of the Eternal God (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 3.30pm (video) see FoT above
Greater Church of God (Wray Zehrung) 3.30pm (video)
Church of God, Kansas City (Oct.26 t.b.a. 3.35pm (video)
Western Region Church of God (Phil Dunegan) 4.00pm (video)
Hungry Hearts Ministries (Bill Shults) 4.00pm (video)
United Church of God, Spokane (Paul Moody) 4.30pm (video) see FoT above
The Word and the Way (t.b.a.) 5.00pm (video)

Lighted Way Ministries (Oct.26 t.b.a.) 5.30pm (video) see FoT above
Torah to the Tribes (Matthew Nolan) 6.00pm (video)

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